Dragonball 2: Reborn (2011)


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  1. Yeah that movie was just sad…. DB and DBZ are so easy to make awsome, arguably easier than any of the Spiderman and company movies they make now. Its cause for some reason American movie makers hate Japanese Anime and love men in tights who save the city from over the top retarded looking villains. When Goku used his Kamehameha move to heal his friend or himself or whatever I think my heart literally 12 gauged itself. I saw the originial live action Dragonball movie, and sadly it was better than this Evolution wanna be. If they make a sequel it better not have anything to do with the last movie… Dragonball has taken enough beatings as is, with the film industry. I say do it right, or keep it to yourself. And if anyone thinks it wouldnt be easy to make a DBZ movie, look at Hancock or X-men, or Iron man. They could easily make a vicious DBZ movie, you just need the right person/company working on it and money.

  2. guys dragon ball is a very good movie but there is a diffrence in the part one compared to the actual dragonball hope the new one which is were raditz enters, this one should be good

  3. ok so i found out that if you go on google and type in info about dragonball 2 reborn, it shows you who will play bulma, goku, yamcha, krillin, vegeta, nappa, and others, but raditz actor is still unknown and most of the actors are asian, which is kinda good because they CREATED dragonball.

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