Draft Day (2014) – Kevin Costner as the Brown’s GM!

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Draft Day follows the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns as he tries to turn his sorta halfway shitty team around. He has to get some really good players, and fast. He’s not the coach, but the GM basically runs the show, so he needs a good draft pick, or some smart trades for his #1 draft pick.

His name is Sonny Weaver, and his job is on the line. And I think he’s nailing Jennifer Garner, who might be a reporter. Or she’s his secretary. Or assistant.

The question is, what’s best for the team? Is it the guy everyone thinks they should pick? I think it’s a quarterback, or is it a few strong players as part of a trade? Football isn’t exactly my sport (more of a frisbee golfer), but just because you have an awesome quarterback it doesn’t mean you’ll do great things. Maybe a decent quarterback with great receivers and a solid offensive line will do the trick a hell of a lot better.

The tough thing the film is going to struggle with is showing Sonny’s success. If the film ends on Draft Day, which I expect it more or less will, we’ll need to see how the season goes to see if his picks were right. There have been instances of strange, or possibly bad picks and trades that turned out to be brilliant in hindsight. So we’ll have to see how they handle this.

The best thing is they picked the Cleveland Browns. TOTALLY believable as a shitty football team. OH BURN. In fact, (I’ve been holding back on this one for a while) SNAPDRAGON!

Draft Day is going to do its best to make drafting football players exciting. OOOOO.

Draft Day

Draft Day comes from Ivan Reitman. He’s a legend in Hollywood, primarily for his comedies in the 80’s. He directed Ghostbusters, Twins, Meatballs, Legal Eagles, Kindergarten Cop, Junior, Evolution, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and most recently No Strings Attached. Draft Day is a departure for him, as he’s mostly made comedies up to this point, but it’s not completely outside of his wheelhouse.


Draft Day Trailer

Draft Day Release Date

April 11, 2014.

Who’s In It?

What’s Good About It?

Draft Day stars Kevin Costner (see more on this below). The concept is unoriginal, but looks nice enough. If you’re a football fan and Moneyball didn’t do it for you, well, Draft Day might scratch that itch.

I’ll just keep watching Jerry Maguire though.

This does have Frank Langella as a jerk football team owner though, and he’s always good.

What’s Bad About It?

Draft Day stars Kevin Costner. That counts as both good and bad.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t see Draft Day being a huge success. It’s a Costner film, and he’s pretty much hit or miss, with the last 15 years being more misses than hits. But if you like football, it might be a nice flick, and it’s coming out about a month before the actual NFL draft day, so it’ll wet your football loving whistle. YAY!