Doug Liman’s Untitled Moon Project (2012)


Doug Liman’s Untitled Moon Project is a science fiction story about a group of former space employees who travel the world stealing equipment so they can travel back to the moon.

Not a ton of details are known at present about Liman’s Moon movie, but its a Liman project, so there’ll be a young cast of globe trotters. Rumors have been circulating, especially as of late, making it seem the film is possible moving forward. If a strong cast can be assembled, the project will like see the light of day.

Doug Liman’s Untitled Moon Project

Doug Liman is famous for films like The Bourne Identity, Jumper, Swingers, and Go. He has a fair bit of power in Hollywood, but his last couple films, Jumper and Fair Game, weren’t big hits. I think he’ll need a stronger script this time to get the budget for his moon movie.

At one time the film was called Luna, but that title has apparently been dropped.

Doug Liman’s Untitled Moon Project Trailer

Not yet.

Movie Release Date

The film should start shooting in summer 2011, so likely a 2012 release.


None yet.

Who’s In It?

Rosario Dawson (Rumored)
Megan Fox (Rumored)
Rachel McAdams (Rumored)
Eva Mendes (Rumored)
Zoe Saldana (Rumored)
Olivia Wilde (Rumored)

What’s Good About It?

As stupid as it was, Jumper entertained me. Liman is a capable director, but he needs to make something a little better at this point in his career, as it is currently on a downward slide.

What’s Bad About It?

Not a ton of details, and Liman is slipping.

Our Clever Prediction

If the film gets made I see a decent box office, but it may not matter if the film is expensive, which I figure it will be. Jumper made money, but it was far too expensive to guarantee a sequel.