Divergent (2014)


Divergent is a new attempt by Hollywood to recreate the success of The Hunger Games. A young woman in a futuristic dystopia is forced to fight society to free people from a system that represses some, while allowing others to thrive.

It seems, from the trailer, that the main theme of the film will be about self-determination. Sounds good. Basically, society is broken up into various factions, and you’re placed in a faction based on your personality. The main character is Tris, a young woman who is divergent, or someone who does not fit into a particular group. So the system can’t control her for some reason or another. She discovers, at some point, that the society is going to kill all divergents, so she goes on some madcap journey/adventure to save them. It’s violent like The Hunger Games, features a strong female lead with a stupid name, and she probably gets lucky while fighting for her life. Sounds like The Hunger Games to me.


Divergent comes from director Neil Burger. Burger isn’t actually half bad. He made Limitless last, which was decent, and The Illusionist, which I really enjoyed.

Divergent is based on the novel by Veronica Roth, and it’s a fairly popular book (hence the movie) so she should do well.


Divergent Trailer

Divergent Release Date

March 21, 2013.

Who’s In It?

Shailene Woodley . . . Tris
Maggie Q . . . Tori
Zoe Kravitz . . . Christina
Ansel Elgort . . . Caleb
Jai Courtney . . . Eric
Kate Winslet . . . Jeanine Matthews

What’s Good About It?

I just realized another connection to The Hunger Games: a Kravitz. The Hunger Games got Lenny, this has Zoe, his daughter.


Also, I really like Shailene Woodley. She’s pretty and very girl next door.

What’s Bad About It?

I can’t help but think this is going to be a second rate Hunger Games, and that’s second rate to begin with.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m not sure what to make of Divergent yet, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near as popular a book as The Hunger Games, and the film doesn’t look like it’ll be anywhere near as big a hit as The Hunger Games either. I’m thinking it’ll underperform.