Deathlok (2011)


Deathlok tells the tale of a man who is turned into a cyborg against his will. It is based on a comic book character published by Marvel.

At this stage in development, little is known of the plot of the film. There have been multiple versions of Deathlok in the comics over the years, with the first named Luther Manning and the second named Michael Collins. The Manning version was still a mostly human man with his body reanimated after death with cybernetic parts. The Collins version was almost entirely robotic, with only the brain transplanted into the new body. It is still unclear which version will make it to the screen.

Who’s It For?

As Deathlok is a less well known character and his story is decidedly darker than many comic book characters, the film may go for a mature audience.

Movie Release Date

Late 2011 at the earliest.

Who’s In It?

No casting news yet.

Related Movies

The story is a mix of Frankenstein and Spawn. And, of course, one of the great films in all of cinema, Robocop.

What’s Good About It?

This far out, there’s always potential. Director Paul McGuigan had been attached to film for a time, although he seems to have moved on. A draft of the screenplay has been written by David Self, who wrote The Wolfman, The Haunting, Thirteen Days, and Road to Perdition, so the story may not be half bad.

What’s Bad About It?

Deathlok is a low level comic book character that not many people care about. With the scale of action and science fiction elements the film would employ, a decent budget would be necessary, and I don’t see Marvel Studios putting up that kind of money.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m thinking it won’t get made, or at best, it won’t be made for a few more years. There are still a lot of other comic book characters who are far better known than Deathlok who have either never had a film made about them, or at least never a decent film. A remake of Daredevil would be far more likely to make big money than Deathlok.

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