Deadliest Catch


Before you complain about the market price of Alaska king crab, check out this gripping documentary series that reveals the mortal perils and intense discomfort fishing crews face to catch this delicacy, including waves 40 feet tall, 700-pound crab pots that can easily crush a careless crewman and freezing temperatures around the clock.

Deadliest Catch

This ongoing Discover Channel show focuses on 5 crab fishing boats off of Alaska, in the Bearing Sea. The dangers and frustrations of Crab fishing are brought to life, as our the rewards of filling the pods full of different types of crab. Discovery Channel celebrity Mike Rowe narrates the action.

The Deadliest Catch has remained popular because of the unusual cast of characters, who are rough around the edges. Recently captain Phil Harris died, and his boys try to keep their inherited boat going, with dreams of one day taking over their father’s business.

Life on the boat is hard, sometimes the crew can go days without sleep in order to get the crab onto the boat. Injuries take their toll, as does the lack of rest and sleep. The show also focuses on the life of the ‘Green Horn’, the ‘new guy’ who makes the attempt at joining the boats each year with dreams of making a living crab fishing. Usually the ‘Green Horn’ is picked on, his initiation is long and hard, but if they can survive the first crabbing adventure they are welcomed as a brother shortly after.

The Boats

There are 4 featured boats in The Deadliest Catch, the names of the boats are : Cornelia Marie, Wizard, Northwestern, and Time Bandit

Deadliest Catch 2011-2012

The series has been extended for one more year.

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