Dark Shadows (2012)


Dark Shadows is based on the old television show of the same name. The film is currently in the early stages of development with Tim Burton directing and Johnny Depp starring. Depp has expressed his longtime desire to play the part of Barnabas Collins, a vampire who would be the lead character in the film, though there were many different characters in the old show. Actual story details are scarce, and since the show ran for five years, there are plenty of different directions the film could go in.

Who’s It For?

Anyone’s guess at this point, although more than likely it will be PG-13. You can bet the teenage girls, and cougars, will flock to see anything with Depp in it. He’s soooo dreamy.

Dark Shadows Trailer


Dark Shadows Movie Release Date

2012, and this is now confirmed.

Who’s In It?

Johnny Depp … Barnabas Collins
Kirsten Van Wagner … who? She played a college student in The Blind Side.
Helena Bonham Carter
Michele Pfeiffer
Thomas McDonell… Young Barnabas Collins

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Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands.

What’s Good About It?

Depp always gives an interesting performance, and Burton, while sometimes hit or miss, has a distinct style that could be really cool with a gothic vampire film.

What’s Bad About It?

Too little is currently known. It may be quite a while before the film is made. Depp is busy with Pirates of the Caribbean 4, and there is still no finished script.

Our Clever Prediction

It could be awesome, as simple as that. It’d be cool to see a vampire version of Edward Scissorhands, with everyone in the town afraid of what Depp might do, but this time the character wouldn’t be the innocent that Scissorhands was. Expect a crazy look and fake teeth for Depp.

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  1. I was a DS fan from it’s inception when I was a child. Johnny Depp is better suited to play Quentin. He is too pretty for Barnabas. Barnabas was a dark brooding sort and better cast with Christian Bale. Michelle Pfeiffer as Elizabeth Collins Stoddard also a miscast. Susan Sarandon better. Anne Hathaway as Victoria, also cast wrong is the young David. I have no idea who would be better, but this young man is not near the look of the spoiled fed by a golden spoon David. Just my thoughts no has to agree.

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