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So what’s the Deal?

So, as I’m having trouble with the funny because of my damn New Year’s resolution, I need you all to suggest a country for me to hate. Canada has won a special place in my heart (well not a special place, it’s actually just next to the McRib, but it still has a place in my heart) and I’m only successful when I’m all hatin on someone, or more accurately, a whole lot of someones. Now, I don’t want a race of people. I’m not looking to be racist, and I don’t need a sex to hate on. I’m going to bash women no matter what.

For instance, why was Helen Keller a bad driver? Cause she was a woman. SNAP.

But I do want you all to start suggesting countries for me to hate on. And I need reasons. It can’t just be random. And no hard to spell countries, like Madagascar. Or Spain.

There’s no prize, except for me mocking your country of choice for a few months. Or weeks. Or days. It really depends on the country. If you pick something awesome and there’s lots of material, then this could go on for a while.

In explanation of the rules, and how you win. I will read all the comments and count up which ever country gets the most votes, and that one will win. But extra points will be given to those commenters who give good reasons for their country of choice. I also will award extra points to anything that makes me laugh. And commenters with women’s names also count for extra, cause I like the ladies. Oh, and I may also just decide to make up different rules and pick whichever one I like.

And that part about women’s names may or may not be true. As a rule, I count the opinion of women as far less important that a man’s. And by ‘as a rule’ I mean in life in general, not in the confines of the contest’s rules.

So, who will it be? Hmmm?

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    • @Dudley ‘Booger’ Dawson,

      Bunch of cowards who smell bad? Not bad, but I already did Cana…

      I mean, yeah. Maybe.

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