Constantine (NBC): New Show Based on the Popular DC Character

Constantine (NBC)

With Arrow being a hit, and Marvel planning to invade Netflix, DC has decided to revive one of its better known second-tier characters. NBC’s Constantine will be based on DC’s John Constantine, a gothic anti-hero who was the lead of the comic book Hellblazer, but it’s more likely you know him from the 2005 Keanu Reeves movie.

The project is headed by Daniel Cerone and David S. Goyer, who’ll write the show and serve as executive producers.

Other upcoming DC shows include The Flash, and Gotham. They might have dropped the ball in Hollywood, but DC sure is giving Marvel a run for their money on telly-land.

Constantine (NBC) Plot

John Constantine is a conflicted, morally ambiguous, London-based occult detective, who deals with supernatural forces. The character was created by Alan Moore for his run on Swamp Thing, in 1985. His look was based on pop singer Sting.

There are a lot of stories to draw from, and the cynical, manipulative nature of the character will translate well on TV.

Constantine (NBC) Premiere Date

Not announced yet.

Constantine (NBC) Cast & Characters

Matt Ryan will play Constantine. The Welsh actor has been in shows like Criminal Minds, Torchwood, and The Tudors.

Constantine (NBC) Pictures

Constantine (NBC) Trailer

None yet.

Reasons to watch

With so many straight-forward comic-book shows, this show’s gothic subject matter gives it an edge. With sci-fi becoming ubiquitous, watching some good ol’ fashioned heaven-and-hell will be a welcome change.

Reasons to skip

David Goyer is notoriously inconsistent, so it’s better if you just wait for the reviews.