Concussion (2013): Erotic Lesbian Drama Starring Robin Weigert


If you’re a good old fashioned American who believes in traditional family values and that gays will burn in hell, then Concussion is not the movie for you. If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy some lesbian drama with some steamy, R-rated lesbian sex, then mark your calendars because this film is going to offer you just that. The film is written and directed by Stacie Passon.

The Plot

Abby is an average suburban lesbian mother, who goes along with her ordinary life like a usual soccer mom, until one day she wakes up with a bad concussion, that makes her realize that her life is devoid of the elusive “spark” that makes life worth living. To get rid of her quintessential first world problem, she starts leading a double life. At day she’s a high-end escort, while at night she resorts back to being a middle-class mother with her wife and kids.

Release Date

It’s getting a VOD and limited theater release on October 4, 2013.

Who’s in it?

Robin Weigert as Abby. You might remember her as Calamity Jane, from Deadwood. She talked about her role in the film with Indie Wire:

I didn’t know anybody involved. I really liked the script, and an agent of mine was a big fan as well. Which is helpful when an agent gets on board with a project. I met with Stacie and I really liked her mind and the ideas behind the film. I couldn’t even look at a former film of her’s because there just wasn’t one. But I could feel and tell there was a significant vision here. It was really clear in talking to her.

Maggie Siff as Sam Bennet

Johnathan Tchaikovsky as Justin

Ben Shenkman as Graeme

Julie Fain Lawrence as Kate Abelman

Emily Kinney

Janel Moloney

The film was screened at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, and some of the reviews have been positive. Scott Foundas of Village Voice said:

Passon’s film–her first after a career as a commercial producer–is precisely the kind of discovery you come to Sundance hoping to make: When the opening credits roll, you scarcely recognize a single name in the cast or crew, and by the time the end credits appear, you can’t wait to see what everyone does next.

The Bad Stuff

If you’re not interested in erotic dramas (beyond the sex part), then the movie might not do much for you. Not everyone is interested in finding out how bored housewives spice up their sex lives.

Our Clever Prediction

While the performances look great, I don’t think the movie will be remembered in the Awards season.