Child’s Play (2016)

'Chucky' movie coming 2016

A Child’s Play remake (Chucky 7is being planned for the year 2016 now. We had reported this as a 2011 release, then a 2012 release.. and now they got the legal stuff worked out. Chucky needs to be reintroduced to the next generation of children. What happened here is director Don Mancini decided to release Curse of Chuck straight to video, rather than the theaters. However it is also confirmed there will be a new Child’s Play movie in 2016 as we have mentioned numerous times.

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s Mancini’s official twitter announcement about the new Chucky movie..

Welcome to Twitter ! I am currently working on the script for CHUCKY 7

We can confrim Jennifer Tilly will not be in the remake, but Catherine Hicks will be back as ‘Karen’. Also, no word yet on who will play Andy Barclay.  They are relaunching this franchise, it is not a sequel. Chucky (2016) will tell the story of Chucky, all over again, but leave the comedy out. No more ‘side splitting’ Chucky, but the new Child’s Play movie will be very dark and disturbing, holding true to it’s original roots. In the Child’s Play movie, serial killer Charles Lee Ray gets gunned down by the police, and transfers his soul into a doll just before he dies. Days later, Andy Barclay gets the same doll for his birthday. In order for Charles (Chucky) to transfer his soul out of the doll, he must preform a voodoo chant on the first person he told his true identity to… Andy. Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was Andy from Toy Story?

I’m not sure how many people care for this remake, but I do. I like the ridiculousness of the Child’s Play franchise, and a more serious take on this franchise would do it some justice. Chucky’s twisted little mind, and remarks usually make for an entertaining movie, and with the new generation of CGI I think the new Chucky Doll will look pretty good. There were a lot of complaints about the CGI in the last Chucky movie, I think they will get it right this time around.

Child’s Play Release Date

Huge delays and legal battles, have bumped the new Child’s Play Movie back to a 2016 release.  Apparently there was a huge battle over who owned the rights to the franchise and it has been settled. The original film belonged to MGM, but Universal bought the rights to the sequels. Oh the drama.

Who’s In It?

Rumor has it Catherine Hicks will be in this one, while Danny Trejo has also confirmed interest.. Brad Dourif will do the voice for Chucky , which fans of the series will appreciate.

What’s Good About it?

Actually, the Chucky franchise was pretty decent at one time, he’s laughable, cute and frightening all at the same time. So, with this new Child’s Play movie we expect more of the same, and we can live with that. Plus I have little kids that need to experience another Chucky movie.

Our Clever Prediction

The Child’s Play franchise was destroyed by ‘Bride Of Chucky’ etc.. not sure how they can get this back to its origins. Will they make it 3D? Still, its a loyal following, we won’t be shocked if its a 50 Million dollar film if released around Halloween.


  1. Erick Viales,

    I think they should hurry up with the remake cuz it takeing them to long they need just show the thrill of the movie but who going to play andy i think that why they takeing to long cuz i think they trying to find a kid to play the part of the movie if they can’t find a kid to play the part well they just have to make a other chucky movie like they did with seed of chucky and i think they should make other chuky movie cuz we need to no whats gong to happen with glen and glenda cuz glen kill his dad becuz chucky kill his mom cuz we wont the movie to be right cuz the seed of chucky was funny and i think glenda put chuky arm in the box to make glen friend to make fun of him pee so that why his sister put her dad’s arm in the box so i think chucky shouldjust make other movie and they should just put back jeffein tlly and they should put a other rapper in the movie name fat joe see who the father of chucky kids and we wanna no who going to be blame for the killing of glen or glenda

  2. the one draw back to this movie is its comming out around hottest month for summer movie blockbusters. I would like to see this prosper. But its commin out on the worst month lol.Even I love childs play transformers chumps that,but I think it will do well or flop

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