Child of God (2014) – James Franco Adapts Cormac McCarthy!

child of god3

Child of God is James Franco’s adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s novel about a southern man living on the fringes of society who grows increasingly isolated over the three acts of the story.

Lester Ballad, played by Scott Haze, is a violent dude, a good shooter, and not somebody you’d like to run in to. At least I’d say you’d be crazy to want to see him. His parents are gone, and he pretty much lives his life as a hermit or caveman. He’s definitely lost his mind, and the story follows him as he descends further and further into madness.

And he’s only have as disturbed as director James Franco.

Child of God

As I’ve already mentioned twice, Child of God comes from director James Franco. He cowrote the screenplay with Vince Jolivette, and it’s of course based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy, who wrote the books No Country For Old Men, The Road, All the Pretty Horses and more.

So at the very least the source material is solid.


Child of God Trailer

Child of God Release Date

August 1, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Tim Blake Nelson . . . Sheriff Fate 
Jim Parrack . . . Deputy Cotton 
Fallon Goodson . . . Girly
Scott Haze . . . Lester Ballard 

What’s Good About It?

Child of God looks relatively gripping, and the performance by Scott Haze might be pretty stellar. Add in Tim Blake Nelson, who’s totally underrated, and a ballsy directing job by Franco and you might have a good movie on your hands.

What’s Bad About It?

I’m not sold on Franco at all. I think he’s trying really hard to convince people he’s smart, and I’m not so sure he is. Actually, I’m pretty sure he isn’t.

Our Clever Prediction

Child of God is going to pass by with very little fan fare, and little money at the box office. Franco was trying to make a film that’s difficult to watch and that’ll challenge people, and he may have succeeded, but I don’t think he has the talent to pull this off. That said, I am very curious about this, and will definitely give it a watch. If for no other reason than to be proven right.