Check out Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Video


Are you a big fan of Breaking Bad and Samuel L. Jackson? Then the video above is should be like a Christmas present to you. The Pulp Fiction actor has posted a video of him performing one of the show’s best known monologues. What do you think? Is he a better Walter White than Bryan Cranston. Let us know in the comments.

Well, while we’re talking about the show anyway, why not check out its latest poster, that tells you that, yes, the show is finally coming to an end, in case you had any doubts. Although, I’m not implying that the show is a “bad thing”. It’s what the poster is ironically referring to. Or is it talking about Walter White? Anyway, the show will be back on AMC on August 11. Is it sad that I’m looking forward to the show more than my own life? Yes, yes it is.