Monday, July 23, 2018

Coming to Netflix May 2015

Netflix movies for May 2015
Hancock 2 Will Smith

Breaking news for Hanock 2

Breaking news for Hanock 2
Vacation 2015

Photo from the new Vacation Movie released

Photo from the new Vacation Movie released
Cameron Diaz in The Mask

5 Superhero Movies that Deserve Sequels

5 Superhero Movies that Deserve Sequels
new vacation movie 2015

Deadpool, Leatherface, Child’s Play and The Ring 3 Updates

Deadpool, Leatherface, Child's Play and The Ring 3 Updates
Mad Max Fury Road

A new Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer is here

Mad Max: Fury Road - Official Trailer is out

4 Reasons Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is Better Than DC’s

4 Reasons Marvel's Cinematic Universe is Better Than DC's. Clearly, DC is losing the big Hollywood battle against Marvel, despite having far more recognizable heroes,...

Updates for The Smurfs, MI5, Captain America and more

Movie news and updates for March 24th 2015. New Smurf's Movie coming in 2017 MI5 gets a release date and poster Captain America gets a plot, and...
big hero 6 oct 3

Videos for Fury, Birdman & American Sniper, & a poster for Big Hero 6!

Fury has a new film clip with some excitement, Birdman discusses levels, American Sniper shows heart and violence, and Big Hero 6 gives a...
mortdecai oct 2

Mortdecai Posters & a Trailer for The Imitation Game!

Mortdecai aims for wacky fun, and The Imitation Game shows off a legend in familiar form! Mortdecai Mortdecai has 4 new character posters, all featuring the...

Trailers for Interstellar, The Theory of Everything, Horrible Bosses 2 & Exodus: Gods &...

Interstellar goes boldly, The Theory of Everything inspires, Horrible Bosses 2 makes a great gay joke, and Exodus: God and Men goes straight up...
john wick sept 30

Trailers for Inherent Vice, Tak3n & John Wick!

Inherent Vice has a fantastic first trailer, Tak3n does a nice reversal, and John Wick shows off his moves and his anger! Inherent Vice Inherent Vice...
the hunger games mockingjay sept 294

Birdman & Interstellar TV spots, & The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Pics!

Birdman has a new TV spot that never stops reminding me of how awesome this film will be, Interstellar shows some new footage off,...
birdman sept 26

Posters for Birdman, Tak3n, and Jupiter Ascending!

Birdman makes a case for ignorance, Tak3n takes on Hollywood, and Jupiter Ascending goes classic and it works! Birdman Birdman has a new poster that features...
the imitation game sept 25

Tons of Movie News! Big Hero 6, Gone Girl, Jupiter Ascending & More!

Big Hero 6 gets to the action, Dumb & Dumber To once again plays up nostalgia, Gone Girl touches on various aspects of the...