Friday, July 20, 2018
The Bourne Legacy (2016)

Bourne 5 (2016)

The plot thickens for the new Bourne movie coming in 2016

Ghostbusters 3 (2016)

Preview for the new ghostbusters movie.
Teaser Poster - Horde Weapon

Warcraft Movie Updates and new pictures

Warcraft Movie Updates and new pictures
batman vs superman batman and batmobile may 13

Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice (2015)

The most epic of epic movies that will be more epic than the Avengers.
Goon 2 Movie 2016

Goon 2 – Last of the Enforcers

Goon 2 - Doug “The Thug” Glatt is back
Ride Along 2 Poster

Ride Along 2

Preview for the new Ride Along movie coming in 2016
Animal Crackers Poster

Animal Crackers (2016)

Animal Crackers movie preview.
World of Warcraft movie poster

Warcraft (2016)

World of Warcraft movie details.
leatherface-texas-chainsaw-massacre 2016

Leatherface (2016)

Leatherface preview. The new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie.
'Chucky' movie coming 2016

Child’s Play (2016)

Details on the new Child's Play movie coming later in 2016.
Dead Space Movie 2016

Dead Space (2016) – A Dead Space movie is coming

Fans of this video game franchise will be pumped to learn about the upcoming movie based on the Dead Space plot.
The-Ring-3 poster

The Ring 3 (2016)

The Ring 3, or The Ring 3D, is now officially called Rings! Rings is the third installment in the megapopular horror franchise starring a...
Captain America Civil War Poster

Captain America Civil War (2016) – A new Captain America movie is coming

Captain America Civil War (2016) preview and plot.
Resident Evil The Final Chapter Movie Poster

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – Alice is back one last time

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is the final movie in the Resident Evil franchise. While details are somewhat scarce, the story is loosely based on...