Sunday, December 17, 2017
Spawn 2 Movie

Spawn 2 (2014)

An update to the Spawn sequel , we hope is coming in 2014.
New Scarface Movie

Scarface (2015)

Preview for the upcoming retelling of the movie Scarface.

Godzilla (2014) – A new Godzilla Movie!

Fans of the classic fire-breathing lizard will be pleased to hear about another Godzilla remake coming in 2013.

Mad Max 4 : Fury Road (2015)

Details about the new Mad Max movie called Fury Road, coming in 2014

Lullaby (2014) – Garrett Hedlund in a Family Drama

Lullaby is a drama about a a young man who returns to his family after years away to see his father pass away. ...

Tokarev (2014) – Nic Cage Fights the Russian Mob

Tokarev is an action thriller starring Nicolas Cage as a reformed criminal whose old Russian mob bosses kidnap his daughter, forcing him to hunt...
Left Behind4

Left Behind (2014) – Nic Cage is one of the Last Men Left on...

Left Behind is a post-apocalyptic thriller about an airline pilot trying to land his jumbo jet when a good portion of the passengers suddenly...
exodus dec 30

Exodus (2014) – Batman as MOSES!

Exodus is a retelling of the Old Testament telling the story of Moses, the Pharoah, the parting of the Red Sea and many more...
Dead Space Movie 2016

Dead Space (2016) – A Dead Space movie is coming

Fans of this video game franchise will be pumped to learn about the upcoming movie based on the Dead Space plot.
New Dumb and Dumber Movievideo

Dumb and Dumber 2 ‘To’ (2014) Lloyd and Harry are back!

Details on the new Dumb and Dumber 'To' movie, coming in 2014.
never tear us apart

Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS (2014)

Preview for the upcoming INXS movie coming in 2014.
New Dirty Dancing Movie

Dirty Dancing (2016) – Dirty Dancing Remake is Coming

Details on the new Dirty Dancing movie coming in 2014.

Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club (2014) – Single Mothers Drinking and Bitching

Tyler Perry's Single Mom's Club is a new film about, well, single mothers, who come together after their brats screw up at school, and...
The Theory of Everything5

The Theory of Everything (2014) – Stephen Hawking’s Life Story!

The Theory of Everything tells the life story, and more accurately the love story, of one of the greatest minds in history: Stephen Hawking....
Life After Beth7

Life After Beth (2014) – Aubrey Plaza Dies, and Returns!

Life After Beth is a romantic comedy horror film about a young woman in love who dies, but then comes back to life as...