Monday, July 23, 2018
Hancock 2 Poster

Hancock 2 (2016) – Is a new Hancock movie finally happening?

All the news for the new Hancock 2 movie, coming in 2015 and starring Will Smith.

Mad Max 4 : Fury Road (2015)

Details about the new Mad Max movie called Fury Road, coming in 2014
Dead Space Movie 2016

Dead Space (2016) – A Dead Space movie is coming

Fans of this video game franchise will be pumped to learn about the upcoming movie based on the Dead Space plot.
Jupiter Ascending First Trailer

Jupiter Ascending (2014): Mila Kunis is Snow White in Space

The creators of The Matrix and Cloud Atlas have come up with a new wild, and imaginative sci-fi that's part fairy tale, and part...
DiCaprio - Devil In The White City

The Devil in the White City (2015)

Movie preview for The Devil in the White City starring Leo DeCaprio.
horrible bosses 2

Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)

Horrible Bosses 2 is the upcoming sequel (who'da thunk it?) to Horrible Bosses, which was about 3 friends who all decide to help kill...
devils due

Devil’s Due (2014) – Found Footage Horror about a Pregnant Lady

Devil's Due is (SHOCKER) a horror film with a found footage twist (is this a twist anymore?) that focuses on a young couple who...
nurse 3d poster

Nurse 3D (2014) – Hot Lesbian Nurses Killing Cheating Men

Nurse 3D is a horror/comedy film about a sexy nurse with a passion for another lady nurse, and does a great job as a...

Robocop (2014): Movie Preview

Robocop is the story of a Detroit police officer who is gunned down on duty, but through Frankenstein-esque witchcraft, is brought back to life...
New Scarface Movie

Scarface (2015)

Preview for the upcoming retelling of the movie Scarface.
In Secret1

In Secret (2014) – Elizabeth Olsen Cheats on Her Husband!

In Secret is a new drama about a woman in 1860s Paris who is trapped in a loveless marriage with her coursin. Her...
big eyes1

Big Eyes (2014) – The True Story of Margaret Keane

Big Eyes is a new drama that tells the true story of artist Margaret Keane, who drew pictures that always featured excessively large, expressive...
exodus dec 30

Exodus (2014) – Batman as MOSES!

Exodus is a retelling of the Old Testament telling the story of Moses, the Pharoah, the parting of the Red Sea and many more...
guardians of the galaxy feb20

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014): Movie Preview

"We have characters other than Batman?" - DC

Laggies (2014) – Keira Knightley Coming of Age Tale

Laggies is a comedy/drama about a woman in her late twenties, living a perpetually adolescent life, who gets scared when her boyfriend proposes and...