Catching Hell (2014) – Ryan Phillippe’s Directorial Debut!

catching hell

Catching Hell is Ryan Phillippe’s directorial debut, which he also wrote and stars in. In the film he plays a washed up Hollywood actor who sleeps with the wrong man’s wife and pays the consequences.

I’m not 100% certain of how the sexy time comes to happen, but basically Phillippe plays Reagan Pearce, who has the same initials as Phillippe, and heads to Louisiana to work on a new film. He sleeps with a lady there, and then a few days later is picked up to be taken to his movie set, and is kidnapped by two guys and chained to a cabin in the woods. It turns out he slept with one of the guy’s wife, and is tortured a bit and beaten up, only to fight for his survival. It’s meant to be an intense thriller, and no doubt Reagan will learn the error of his ways.

Catching Hell

Catching Hell is, as I said, Ryan Phillippe’s first film as director, and he cowrote the screenplay with Joe Gossett, who doesn’t have a whole of experience. Phillippe should be pretty well known to most folks, from his early success as a young heartthrob in films like Cruel Intentions and I Know What You Did Last Summer to the super underrated The Way of the Gun. I actually really like him as an actor, and hope he’s a decent director too.


Catching Hell Trailer

Catching Hell Release Date

October 10, 2014 – Limited Theatrical Release and On Demand

Who’s In It?

Ryan Phillippe
Joyful Drake
James DuMont
Stephen Louis Grush

What’s Good About It?

Catching Hell doesn’t have a great cast, outside of Phillippe, who I do think is super solid as an actor. The story has him playing a character with a lot of similarities to himself, though I don’t think he’s washed up like Reagan.

What’s Bad About It?

Small film, limited release, and first time director. Not great things for a film like Catching Hell.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t think Catching Hell will perform terribly well, but if it proves Phillippe can direct a bit, he might get some more chances down the line. I’m guessing the writing will be the main thing to hold the film back. Perhaps if he gets better screenplay options in the future he’ll direct more successful films. But maybe Catching Hell will be a surprise hit.