Captain America, Maleficent & Transformers pics, 300: Rise of an Empire Video & More!

captain america the winter soldier mar 3

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is under fire in a new poster, 300: Rise of an Empire has a new extended TV spot, Maleficent has some mostly mediocre images, Transformers: Age of Extinction goes wicked awesome, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes into the 21st century, The Terminator kicks some butt in Sabotage, and Rio 2 goes behind the scenes!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier has a new poster today that shows Captain America holding his shield up to protect himself from what I imagine is gunfire, or possibly an incoming football (he’s not good at playing catch). Anyways, it isn’t a half bad poster, though his mouth looks funny. Stare at the mouth. Stare at it. Yeah. Look.

Also, does he have a shield watch? Cause that would be awesome.
captain america the winter soldier mar 3

300: Rise of an Empire

300: Rise of an Empire has an exceptional new TV spot today, and it reminds me of one very important part of this film that I hope they really play up, which is the sacrifice of the original 300 who sacrificed their lives to slow the Persians and inspire their people to stand up and fight. That was literally the whole point of the original film, so showing that this new group or heroes is only fighting because they believed in the sacrifice of their brothers in arms would be very cool and elevate this film quite a bit.

There’s also a featurette that focuses on the heroes, much like the one the other day that focused on the villains… so… yeah.


Maleficent has a new set of photos today, and they aren’t all that hot. Yeah, they have a decent visual style to them, but I can’t claim to be overly impressed by them. I mean, they’re trying hard enough, that’s for sure, but I just can’t help but be mostly bored by these photos. Oh well. Hopefully the film will turn out to be good.
maleficent mar 35maleficent mar 34maleficent mar 33maleficent mar 32maleficent mar 31maleficent mar 3

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Based on what I said above, you can probably guess that today’s Transformers: Age of Extinction news is Wahlberg-centric. You would be correct. Today we have a poster with Marky Mark himself holding one wicked frickin’ awesome gun. Like, a Transformers gun. Of some sort. And I love that it has a rope on it. Super fancy gun. Rope strap. Yep. No nylon polymers for the realist mofo in Boston, yo’.

I love that I’ve basically made him Justin Bieber, but from Boston. Which, for the record, is better than regular Bieber, who is Canadian.
transformers age of extinction mar 3

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has two new motion posters today that are freaking awesome! I don’t know why more of our posters aren’t in-motion. We should have every poster moving! It’s the 21st century (right? I don’t write 2114… HOW DOES MATH WORK?) and we should have all posters move. I want moving newspapers!

That’s called the news? That’s for old people though…



Sabotage has a new film clip, and I’ve decided to review it for you having only watched it with the sound off. First, Terrance Howard looks awesome. The redhead chick frightens me. Schwarzenegger looks cool, and still pretty darn badass. And he choke slams a dude sorta. It’s like I don’t even need to know what they’re saying. There’s just so much tension… SO MUCH.

Rio 2

Rio 2 has a new behind the scenes video featurette, and it makes me wonder why there’s a behind the scenes for an animated film. I mean, there’s no set. HOW CAN THEY BE BEHIND IT?

Oh, it’s like animators and sound recording and storyboarding n’ stuff. OOOOHHHHH.