Broken City (2012)


Broken City is a noir film about a mayor who asks a P.I. to look into his wife having an affair. It turns out she is, and the guy she’s sleeping with winds up dead. But did the mayor have a hand in it? The P.I. must find out.

Honestly, this sounds like an awesome story. Add in Russell Crowe and it’s essentially a home run. What could possibly screw this up?

Oh. They cast Mark Wahlberg. Never mind.

So there aren’t a ton of additional details right now on Broken City, but the guy sleeping with the mayor’s wife is the campaign director of the mayor’s rival. Man, that stings. This is why mayors sleep with prostitutes.

Wait. How does that make sense?

I’ll tell you. Mayors sleep with prostitutes to desensitize them to the possibility of their wives cheating on them. Really, they’re saving lives. Like heroes.


Broken City

On the plus side Broken City is being directed by Allen Hughes, who I hope is the more talented of the Hughes brothers. The screenplay is by Brian Tucker, who has an awesome name. Also, no other credits to his name. Will he be great, or terrible? Hmmm…


Broken City Trailer

Movie Release Date

I’ve read anywhere from TBA 2012 to 2014. So… sometime in the future.

Who’s In It?

Mark Wahlberg … Billy Taggart
Russell Crowe … Mayor

What’s Good About It?

I like noir films, and the story seems perfect for a new entry into the genre. I can only pray that Mark Wahlberg gives that rare good performance. More The Departed, less… the rest of his career.

What’s Bad About It?

Mark Wahlberg.

Our Clever Prediction

I’ll have to see a trailer before I make an exact guess, but I think it should be decent, and make some good money. Maybe not great money, but good.