Skyfall: Bond 23 (2012)

Skyfall Pic
Skyfall Pic

Bond 23 is a new story in the vast history of James Bond. Unlike the latest film in the series, Quantum of Solace, this Bond will not be a direct sequel, and will explore new areas for Bond.

The latest film hits theaters in 2012, and is named Bond 23 (duh). This new Bond movie, has been delayed by another year, it will no longer be a 2011 release as previously thought.

Bond 23 will be directed by Sam Mendes, known for films like Revolutionary Road, Jarhead, and American Beauty. Recent troubles at MGM, primarily that they’re trying to sell the company and no one wants to buy, has put the next Bond film on ice for the time being.

This movie is not expected to be a direct follow-on from Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale, it is a fresh start… too bad Daniel Craig is back.

Who’s Bond 23 For?

Any fans of the other films, Bond 23 is the new bond movie in the franchise.

Movie Release Date

Bond 23 is going to be a November 2012 movie release.

Who’s In Bond 23?

Daniel Craig… James Bond
Hot Lady… Bond girl
Judi Dench ‘M’
Possibly Javier Bardem as the villain

Related Movies

Hmmm….. Caddyshack? No. Oh, the other 22 Bond films.

What’s Good About It?

Sam Mendes may not be known for his action, but he has said he’ll stick with the production despite the many troubles. That kind of desire, combined with Mendes’ skill at developing great characters could make for one of the best Bond films ever.

What’s Bad About It?

Daniel Craig, and his hilarious ‘sexy’ smirk and tough-guy image he tries to portray. Worst Bond since Roger Moore, he looks like jar jar Binks.

Our Clever Prediction

It’ll be a solid film, but he probably won’t have a line as good as, “Miss Anders… I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.” -Moonraker!!!

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  1. Can’t wait to see… A good plot and action is all it require.. Craig is my favourite among all bonds..

  2. Nippdog, I agree fully, He actually is the embodiment of all that I thought bond to be. Much more believable than the previous ones (no offence to them). He doesn’t have all the insane gadgets (a plus), and he uses brute force to get it done. His stair also is cold, which adds more dynamics. I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t think he’s the perfect match for that roll.

  3. I think you’re wrong I think he’s the best Bond hands down…The old bond flixs were all cheese they are out dated and hard to watch. Technology changes daily and with it you can lose your audience. The current saga in my mind is timeless because it doesn’t need over the top ridiculous gadgets that defy physics just a good plot and great sound FX. I’m truly sad they are not going to use the current story line we really need closer on it. Who is in charge of quantum ect( would be cool if it was Shawn Connery evil old bond). Who cares if he smirks bond is supposed to be smug and arrogant. I am just glad they are making a new one!

  4. they need to bring back the gadgets and Q, the scenes with Q were probably some of the best in the films.

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