Black Rock (2013)

black rock 2

Black Rock is a thriller about three female friends who go camping for a weekend only to be attacked by a group of hunters.

The three women have been friends for years and years, and they’ve had a few problems over the years, but are still friends. It seems this trip is a chance for them to work out a few problems and remember how close they once were.

They travel to a small island for a weekend away. They think they’re alone, but out of nowhere a couple hunters show up, guns in hand. They make nice and hang out for a while. One of the women even comes pretty close to banging one of the dudes. But things get a little rough and she either hurts him or kills him. The others come hunting for the women, who must first flee to survive, but at some point they’ll have to turn and fight.

Black Rock

Black Rock was directed by star Katie Aselton, which explains why she was put on the same level as other stars Kate Bosworth and Lake Bell. Bell isn’t too big a star, but Bosworth was a really shitty Lois Lane once upon a time. She’s sorta a star.

The writer of Black Rock is Mark Duplass, who is mostly known as an actor, but he did write and direct Jeff Who Lives at Home, so he has some experience.


Black Rock Trailer

Black Rock Release Date

May 17, 2013.

Who’s In It?

 Katie Aselton … Abby
  Lake Bell … Lou
  Kate Bosworth … Sarah
  Will Bouvier … Henry
  Jay Paulson … Derek
  Anslem Richardson … Alex
  Carl K. Aselton III … Fisherman

What’s Good About It?

I like Kate Bosworth a little bit. She was really good in 21, and she has some star power. Lake Bell is somewhat overrated in terms of looks, but she isn’t a half bad actress. The trailer looks okay too.

What’s Bad About It?

Does this look like Deliverance to anyone else? Wait, why did I put that in the bad category?

Our Clever Prediction

Black Rock comes out in May, so be prepared to never hear anything else about it as Iron Man 3 and actual summer blockbusters swallow it whole.