Black Hats (2013)


Black Hats is the story of an aging Wyatt Earp working as a PI and movie consultant when he starts gunning again because his old friend Doc Holliday’s son is in trouble. This sounds like the COOLEST MOVIE EVER.

At least, it would, if it starred Kurt Russell and had NUMEROUS flashback sequences.

So the basic premise is that Earp is retired as a gunslinger, but his deceased friend Doc Holliday secretly had a son, who is in trouble with the mob. But not just any mob. He’s in trouble with Al Capone. Earp becomes an IRS agent and takes Capone DOWN.

Or he gets his gun and starts shooting bitches.

Black Hats

Black Hats is based on the novel Black Hats: A Novel of Wyatt Earp and Al Capone. So far no director has been announced, so I guess no one has decided they’re a daisy. But I’m probably a good director (I wear MANY hats), so I’m their huckleberry.

I hope people are getting these references. They’re really not that obscure, but I’m going to keep going.

Black Hats Trailer


Movie Release Date

TBA 2013.



Who’s In It?

Harrison Ford… Wyatt Earp

What’s Good About It?

If all goes well maybe they’ll make a sequel, so even if I’m seeing double I’ll have two films. One for each of you.

What’s Bad About It?

Wyatt Earp isn’t being played by Kurt Russell. Harrison Ford is a billion times better than Kevin Costner, but not as good as Russell.

Our Clever Prediction

If they cast Val Kilmer for flashback sequences, it’ll make trillions. Otherwise it’ll depend on the director.

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  1. Lois J.:
    Whyis this movie listed if there is no information available other than a name and general story line? Thank You.

    What else do you want for a movie that is 2 years away? Are you serious?

  2. Why is this movie listed if there is no information available other than a name and general story line? Thank You.

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