Big Eyes (2014) – The True Story of Margaret Keane

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Big Eyes is a new drama that tells the true story of artist Margaret Keane, who drew pictures that always featured excessively large, expressive eyes. She married a man who turned her work into a massively successful business, while stealing all the credit for himself.

Margaret was a single mother back in the 50s who met a charming man named Walter Keane. He saw the value in her work. And he was a good salesman. He figured out how to make some money off her work, but it meant him taking credit for the paintings. This being the 1950s, she went along with it, but was never happy or satisfied that her husband stole credit, and she eventually, after many years and millions of dollars of sales, divorced him and sued him for credit. It’s a fascinating story. One of lies that are told for good and bad reasons, and a talented artist who was swept under the rug by a controlling husband.

Big Eyes

Big Eyes has long been a passion project for Tim Burton. He finally got to make it, with Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski cowriting the screenplay. Burton really doesn’t need introduction, but Alexander has been around for a while, including writing Man on The Moon and Burton’s Ed Wood. Karaszewski has been working with Alexander on many projects over the years.

They actually wrote and directed Screwed together, and that is a seriously underrated film. Totally worth checking out if you get the chance and like Norm MacDonald. And if you don’t like Norm, you might try sitting on a chainsaw cause you’re a jerk.


Big Eyes Trailer

Big Eyes Release Date

December 25, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Danny Huston . . . Dick Nolan
Christoph Waltz . . . Walter Keane
Amy Adams . . . Margaret Keane
Krysten Ritter
Jason Schwartzman
Terence Stamp . . . John Canaday

What’s Good About It?

Big Eyes has a great cast, and Tim Burton is a very capable director. He does a lot of weird shit, but also some incredible stuff like Big Fish. This is his second “Big” film that’s taking a stab at Awards season, and with this cast, he might just reach his goal.

What’s Bad About It?

I have no negatives except 1 – Those big ass eyes freak me out.

Our Clever Prediction

Big Eyes is a likely Best Picture contender this year, and I think Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams are likely for nominations as well. In addition, it looks like the kind of film that’ll make a decent amount at the box office. Very cool indeed.