Beverly Hills Cop 4 (2016)

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So Beverly Hills Cop 4 is coming in 2016, we have a preview of the long awaited Eddie Murphy movie. The sequel, is probably lost on most people of this generation. Do you even know what Axel F was? Just how old are some of you readers? You see, Beverly Hills cop was released 30 years ago, Murphy was the king of the entertainment world. Then, Beverly Hills cope 2 came out in 1987, and the movie nailed it once again. The third movie wasn’t bad, but Murphy looked rather bored in his role of Axel Foley, so he ditched any further plans of  sequel, until recently. The story surrounds a rogue Detroit cop who comes from hard streets of crime, to the surreal environment of Beverly Hills. Axel Foley is a good cop, who often breaks the rules to get the job done. Sort of like every other cop movie, but Murphy makes you giggle and say ‘Oh NO HE DINT‘ when his crazy antics get out of control. Let’s face it, his humor was great in the late 80’s and early 90’s, but it may not hold up to today’s movie audience. When you are catering to the attention span of a 4yr old, it’s tough to convince people you used to be funny. I mean, look at what happened to Chris Rock.

Foley had two Beverly Hills officres who he befriended, and grew close together. Together, the three solved 2 major crimes, and took the BHPD by storm.  Nobody knows if Rosewood and Taggart will make a return for the 5th movie, I hope they do.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 (IV) appears to be heading back to Detroit, aka ‘Detoilet’ this time around. That’s all anyone knows, because in theory Murphy still thinks he’s the god of cinema, and is holding out till the last minute to say ‘Yes I’m in Beverly Hills Cop 4’. Sure, he’s stating cute little things like ‘If the script is right, I’ll make the movie’, but in fact he has signed on for the sequel.

Here’s Lord Murphy’s latest news release on his reprisal of Axel Foley.

“Nah, they still trying to get that script right,” Murphy said of the fourquel. “I’m not doing a ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ unless they have a really incredible script. I’ve read a couple things that look like they can make some paper. But I’m not doing a sh*tty movie just to make some paper. The sh*t got to be right.”

It’s too bad Eddie didn’t care that much about his recent movie releases.

You know what I cared about? The soundtrack. Beverly Hills Cop had an amazing soundtrack back in the day :

“New Attitude” by Patti LaBelle
“Don’t Get Stopped in Beverly Hills” by Shalamar
“Do You Really (Want My Love?)” by Junior
“Emergency” by Rockie Robbins
“Neutron Dance” by Pointer Sisters
“The Heat is On” by Glenn Frey
“Gratitude” by Danny Elfman
“Stir It Up” by Patti LaBelle
“Rock ‘N Roll Me Again” by The System
“Axel F” by Harold Faltermeyer


The Trailer

Who’s In Beverly Hills Cop 3?

Besides Murphy, we don’t know. We can only hope Judge Reinhold , Bronson Pinchot and John Ashton all make a return.

Release Date

Look for Beverly Hills Cop 4 March 2016. More updates as we get them.

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