Best Man Down (2013)

best man down

Best Man Down is a new dramedy about a couple who skip their honeymoon so they can make funeral arrangements for their best man.

The best man is Lumpy, and he’s always the life of the party. He helps Scott and Kristen out with their wedding, and when he dies after the reception, they do their best to take care of his funeral. They learn a whole lot about Lumpy during this journey, including that Scott maybe didn’t know his best buddy as well as he thought. In fact, Lumpy had a whole other side to his life that Scott never knew about.

Lumpy was either taking care of or in love with a girl that Scott never knew. I’m not totally sure which based on the material that’s been released so far, but it seems like Lumpy was a great guy to just about everyone, even as he was someone who was struggling to get his own life together.

Best Man Down

Best Man Down comes from writer/director Ted Koland. Koland has no feature experience, but was a longtime writer on Fashion House and Saints & Sinners. So he’s a TV writer.



Best Man Down Trailer

Best Man Down Release Date

November 8, 2013. On Demand NOW.

Who’s In It?

Justin Long . . . Scott
Jess Weixler . . . Kristin
Tyler Labine . . . Lumpy
Addison Timlin
Shelley Long . . . Gail
Frances O’Connor . . . Jaime

What’s Good About It?

I like Justin Long and Jess Weixler a whole lot, and Tyler Labine is a really funny dude. I really like Reaper, and that was largely due to his involvement. Funny dude. Diane from Cheers is in this movie, are you fucking kidding me?

What’s Bad About It?

I worry a bit about director Koland’s abilities, and this might be a bit too sad sack a film for me. I think there’ll be some humor, but hopefully it’s enough to balance the story.

Our Clever Prediction

I seriously doubt Best Man Down will make much money, but it might do halfway decent as a Video on Demand, and help Labine get some more work. The actors involved will elevate any shortcomings in the screenplay or directing.