Before I Wake (2015)


‘Before I Wake’ is a 2015 Horror movie starring Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane, and some evil little punk. It is not a documentary on Tupac. Technically Tupac could have been in this movie as a ghost.  In the 80’s, Freddy used to terrify us in our nightmares, but now there’s something just as sinister roaming in the thoughts of newcomer Cody. Tupac. Just kidding.  You see, Cody is a foster child, and he’s about to give foster kids a bad name. When you unleash terror onto your new parents house, it just doesn’t look good.

I Hate This Kid
I Hate This Kid

Before I Wake is about a troubled couple (Jessie and Mike Hobson) who, decide to adopt an orphan after their son dies. Nice right? Wrong. Shit goes south pretty fast when newcomer Cody falls asleep, and things go south… in a big way. You know, butterflies appearing in your living room, your dead kid says hell. Things like that. Paranormal activities such as spirits, and ghosts start punishing the lovely foster parents, sort of their way of saying ‘Thanks’ for giving Cody a nice place to stay.

If I had Cody’s power as a kid, my parents would have had to deal with Heather Locklear , Brooke Shields and The 6 Million dollar Man floating around the house.  Almost all my dreams had supermodels and Steve Austin in them, unlike Cody and his butterflies and evil spirits.  It’s hard enough explaining a wet bed when you are 13, but what did Steve Austin have to do with any of it? Why am I making light of the paranormal experience in Before I Wake? Why did I post a video from The Pirates of the Mississippi below? Oh, you’ll find out if you dare.

Anyways, (Nice grammar) director Mike Flanagan had some success with his latest film, Oculus. Before I Wake looks decent, I hate the freaky ghost kid under his bed, he bothers me a fair amount. I mean, what’s with the pale skin and dark circles around the eyes? I like his 80’s haircut though. I wish Tupac made a cameo in the movie, maybe battled the evil within.

The Trailer

If that freaked you out, just do what I did and watch the Pirates of the Mississippi video instead. Because, if I die before I wake, Feed Jake.

Release Date

Before I Wake hits theaters May 5th 2015