Bachelorette (2012)


Bachelorette is a new comedy about three girls asked to be bridesmaids for a girl they weren’t terribly nice to in high school.

Regan, Katie and Regan are all sorta bitches. They were popular in high school and had a pretty tight clique. One girl they sorta half let hang out with them is Becky, but they were never nice to her. Becky wasn’t the brightest bulb and she was a bit fat, so a clear target for mean high school girls.

Anyways, a few years later these bitchy gals aren’t where they thought they’d be in life, especially when it comes to their relationship status when they’re asked by Becky to be her bridesmaids. They agree thinking it’ll be fun, but of course on some level they’re jealous.

They want to throw a kick-ass bachelorette party, which of course gets a bit out of hand, but they have to turn it around and, I’m guessing, try to finally be decent friends with a girl they weren’t so nice to.


Bachelorette was written and directed by Leslye Headland, who was a writer on the TV show Terriers, but otherwise has little experience. I bet that’s a good thing…


Bachelorette Trailer

Bachelorette Release Date

September 7, 2012.


Who’s In It?

Kirsten Dunst … Regan
Isla Fisher … Katie
Lizzy Caplan … Gena
Adam Scott … Clyde
James Marsden … Trevor
Rebel Wilson … Becky

What’s Good About It?

The cast is overall pretty good, with Kirsten Dunst sorta the standout for shittiness, but she can act well enough and is likely playing the straightman role.

What’s Bad About It?

Outside of Kirsten Dunst I’d say it’s that Bachelorette is just a rehash of Bridesmaids. Boring.

Our Clever Prediction

Bachelorette has a limited release before going to On Demand. FAIL.


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