Annabelle: The Horror sequel but not so horror


Annabelle Creation is the sequel of the horror movie Annabelle released in 2013, starring the creation of the doll and its turning to the dark evil. The expectations have been very high with the movie, but the screen changed the mood.

Story-  Annable story reveals out the freaking incidents of an innocent doll who tends to show some actions which make people believe that she has lived on its own.The story is about the couple and their daughter who used to live near their farm and was leading a very healthy family life.

One day their life takes a big tragic turn when they experience the loss of their daughter in a car accident. Living alone for so many years the couple decides to rent their house to an orphanage nun and 6 girls were the dramatic things start to happen in front of them. The house was spacious and nicely made so all the girls and the nun liked the house but the warm winds and melodious strings of that house were keeping many evil secrets under this silence.The curiosity of the story increases when one of the girls accidentally enters in the room of couple’s daughter and finds a doll that looks so innocent and cute.

This is where the story takes the turn and doll who was cursed by the spirit of their daughter show some moves which threats them all completely.

Weakest among all was the girl who becomes a victim of these attacks find out that the spirit wants to take her soul.

Movie review –  The storyline has a great pitch in the background but unfortunately, the movie direction and scene sequence do not give the fearful treat to horror lovers.

Some of the scenes in the movie take out your heart beat but on regular intervals, the horror scenes are not up to the mark. Shady horror sequels that don’t even do justice to the story. Yes, some scenes sequels do contain great sound effects mixed with very powerful videography but at last, the movie does not come up with what it has promised to their fans by their thrilling trailer. The acting of all the girls is really good. But the role of Mullins daughter is played really awesome by the girl herself especially the horrific action sequences.Sam Mullins and his wife role do leave the great impact on the audience as they are a base part of the movie Annabelle creation the story.

At last the movie is all around semi-horror because of the empty scene sequels that leave the audience in questions rather than fear.

Director-  David F.Sandberg