American Pie 5 – The final ‘American Pie’ is coming

American Pie 2015
One more American Pie is coming in 2015

American Pie 5 is coming in the near future, and that is a fact. An insider in the industry confirmed to us today that there is a new American Pie sequel coming in 2015 that will wrap up the entire series, once and for all. This shouldn’t come as a huge shock, since American Reunion pulled out 220 million at the box office, even though it was generally not well received. This time they are looking to clean up the loose ends in the plot for all the fans of the American Pie series.

American Pie 5

Universal Studios has Secured  ‘American Reunion’ Writer-Directors for ‘American Pie 5′

This is what we were sent today, our man is never wrong. The script is only in discussion stages, nothing is hammered out for the plot.  American Reunion writer-directors Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg  have signed up to pen the new script.  Rumours are abundant that American Pie 5 will be an American Vacation that has Jim and the crew getting in trouble, in Vegas.  Could Jim and the boys end up in Vegas in a Hangover type of scenario…? Sounds like the best bet. Is this the Final Piece Of The Pie? See what I just did there? I’m copyrighting that so when the final Pie movie comes out I get me some residuals.

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American Pie ‘5’ Release Date

The new American Pie Sequel hits theaters in 2015

Who’s In It?

You can expect all of the crew to be back. We are even hearing Shannon Elizabeth could be back again, as a Las Vegas showgirl. Still, details of the new Pie movie are all pretty secret right now, so I’m posting the most legitimate stories I have been told.

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Our Clever Prediction

We bet somehow they include the words ‘The Final Piece of the Pie’ into the tagline. We’re just clever like that though.

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