All Good Things


All Good Things tells the story of a rich real estate heir who falls for a girl from the long side of the tracks. But when she disappears, a detective must try to unravel what happened in this fairy tale romance.

Based on the true story of Robert Durst, whose wife disappeared in 1982. Twenty years later his long-time friend was found dead, having been murdered execution style. Durst was a suspect in both cases, but never charged. Body parts of his neighbor were later found in the Galveston Bay. Though he admitted to killing his neighbor, he said it was self defense. He used a paring knife, two saws, and an axe to dismember the body.

All Good Things looks to focus on his wife’s disappearance, for which he is still the most likely suspect, but has never been charged or convicted. It seems believable, cause who wouldn’t want to murder Kirsten Dunst?

Oh, but Spider-Man would totally stop you.


The Scoop

The film was directed by Andrew Jarecki, and was set to release in July of 2009, but the Weinstein Company was having some financial issues at the time, and so the film has been pushed back. The director bought the film back from the Weinsteins, and now it appears that Magnolia Pictures will release the film in the US.

Who’s It For?


Movie Release Date

December 3, 2010. (limited)

Who’s In It?

Ryan Gosling … David Marks
Kirsten Dunst … Katie McCarthy
Kristen Wiig … Lauren Fleck
Frank Langella
Diane Venora … Janet Rizzo
Zoe Lister Jones … Gail Kaplan

Interesting Fact

Robert Durst is the world’s first BILLION dollar fugitive. Dog the Bounty Hunter must have been foaming at the mouth for him. (get it? Foaming? Like a dog?)

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What’s Good About It?

Gosling has turned out to be a good actor. And I thought he was such a sissy for doing the Notebook. (then I saw it and cried like a baby. I was soooooooo beautiful). Frank Langella is an awesome bad guy, and while I feel the idea of Gosling’s character slowly going nuts seems boring, I still think it could be cool to see. Hopefully it’s closer to what real dementia is like than some artsy fartsy crap Hollywood makes up to glorify it.

What’s Bad About It?

Well, it certainly isn’t Kirsten Dunst’s involvement. She’s just so amazing. And beautiful. I would NEVER say she peaked in Interview with a Vampire. That was just the beginning of what may very well be the greatest career any actress has ever had. EVER.

Our Clever Prediction

The limited release means they’re hoping for good word of mouth, critical adoration, and award love. Meaning this’ll tank hard.