A Most Violent Year (2014) – A Family Struggles in 1981 NYC

a most violent year

A Most Violent Year is a new drama set in NYC in the year 1981.  That was, as the title indicates, a very violent time in the city’s history. The story follows a family trying to succeed during the brutal year.
Oscar Isaac plays the lead, an immigrant working with his family to try to find their fortune and grasp that ever elusive American Dream.  The violent city, filled with corruption, threatens to drag them down to its level, and by the looks of the story, its succeeding.  The man and his wife become disillusioned from one another as the man slowly but surely sees his morals become corrupted.
Dang, screw New York, man.  It’s still infinitely better than Canada, but yeesh.

A Most Violent Year

A Most Violent Year comes from writer/director JC Chandor, who most recently made the underrated All is Lost starring Robert Redford, and before that made Margin Call.  He’s a definite up and coming director, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how he handles this story.


A Most Violent Year Trailer

A Most Violent Year Release Date

TBA 2014

Who’s In It?

Jessica Chastain
Oscar Isaac
Ashley Williams
David Oyelowo
Christopher Abbott
Albert Brooks

What’s Good About It?

A Most Violent Year has a fantastic cast, with Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain both being absolute heavyweights these days. I think director Chandor has a very good chance at making the film a real contender for Awards season, and if nothing else it should be a great set of performances.

What’s Bad About It?

While the cast is solid, I do think there’s something missing. Some actor or part just isn’t up to snuff. I think it’s the lack of a truly big name. Everyone is talented, but Isaac and Chastain haven’t really caught the public eye yet.

Our Clever Prediction

A Most Violent Year should be an incredible film. That doesn’t mean it’ll make a whole bunch of money, but it might make a few dollars and surprise people with its quality. Expect it to become a favorite for some, and a film many never end up seeing.