A Late Quartet (2012)

a late quartet

A Late Quartet is a new drama about a very successful string quartet where the cellist is diagnosed with cancer, upending the dynamics of the group. Who will lead? Who will follow? The various members of the group all have egos and think they should be in charge, but there can be only one. Then they take out swords and try to cut off each other’s heads.

True story…

Okay, so the sword part is a LITTLE bit exaggerated. Just a bit. But there’s Robert, who is the second violinist, and he’s always wanted to play a solo part, and now’s his chance, but he may not be as good as Daniel, and Robert’s wife, Juliette, may also believe Robert isn’t up to the challenge of leading the group. They all begin to compete to see who should be in charge.

Where’s Yoyo Ma when you need him? Probably banging hot chicks.

A Late Quartet

A Late Quartet comes from writer/director Yaron Zilberman and co-writer Seth Grossman. Grossman directed the third Butterfly Effect film, so he’s golden. What is genuinely interesting is that the film is based on Beethoven’s Opus 131. I guess it follows the same movements n’ such. That’s actually pretty cool.


A Late Quartet Trailer

A Late Quartet Release Date

November 2, 2012.

Who’s In It?

 Christopher Walken … Peter Mitchell
  Philip Seymour Hoffman … Robert
  Catherine Keener … Juliette Gelbart
  Imogen Poots … Alexandra Gelbart
  Wallace Shawn … Gideon Rosen
  Mark Ivanir … Daniel Lerner
  Madhur Jaffrey … Dr. Nadir
  Liraz Charhi
  Megan McQuillan … Brenda
  Anne Sofie von Otter … Miriam
  Marty Krzywonos … Cab Driver
  Jasmine Hope Bloch … Cello Student
  Sanjiv Hayre … Audience Member
  Rebeca Tomas … Flamenco dancer
  Cristian Puig … Flamenco singer

What’s Good About It?

The story and concept behind A Late Quartet is very interesting, and I like the music and actors.

What’s Bad About It?

I’m not sold on Yaron Zilberman or Seth Grossman, but the trailer is freaking dynamite, and they attracted too many good actors for a crap project.

Our Clever Prediction

I think A Late Quartet may be a good Oscar contender. It’s super arty, looks emotionally charged, and just has too much talent associated with it to suck. You heard it hear first, folks: this film won’t suck.