A large pile of horrible sequels are on the way


If you were looking for the Hollywood movie studios to bring back a little creativity back to the cinema, you’ll be disappointed with this news. You’ll be amazed at the sequels planned in the next few years, this is crazy folks.

Miramax ceo Mike Lang has this quote about the future of movies within the company :

“Sequel rights are something we are going to exploit aggressively.”

Thanks for letting us know how bleak the future looks for the movie audience, and Miramax Mike. So much for creativity. Its no wonder Miramax movies are doing so terrible.

Movie Sequels

Today, Miramax announced eleven planned sequels to the following movies.

Bad Santa – Really? Why does this deserve a sequel?
Rounders – What? Why? Matt Damon won his money back, its all over.
Shakespeare in Love – Speechless
Bridget Jones’s Diary – a sequel to a lead female with no star power.
Cop Land – lol
From Dusk Till Dawn – Time to ruin a classic it appears
Swingers – Get ready to have a classic ruined with a terrible sequel.
Clerks – Kevin Smith’s 5 minutes of fame ended with Copout
Shall We Dance – lol
The Amityville Horror – Uh, hello? Why is this even a consideration to make a sequel to this movie?

Disappointing to say the least, the future doesn’t look that bright for Miramax.

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  1. You have a point about the seemingly endless pile of shitty sequels. That being said Cop Out wasn’t so bad, and Kevin Smith makes better, more entertaining movies than the majority of ‘blockbusters’ that come out. I think even his crappier movies are better than the Spider Man or Transformers franchises. Also Dusk til’ Dawn has already been muddied with not just one, but two sub-par sequels already. So an additional one, while I’m not looking forward to it, is more like a nail in the coffin of the franchise, a franchise that should have stuck to a single film. As for Amnityville–also not looking forward to seeing that, but there are quite literally more than a dozen film and television movies made about the subject, so obviously it must still be selling even decades after the release of the original.

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