300 Part 2, Don Jon and Vampire Academy Trailers!

300 rise april 91

300: Rise of an Empire goes short but SAWeeeeeT, Don Jon is equally short, but not as sweet (though Scarlett Johansson makes up for it, and Vampire Academy confuses me.

300: Rise of an Empire

I have to give 300: Rise of an Empire credit, it looks pretty cool. It seems to be maintaining the visual aesthetic from the original, as well as the badassery, but it also seems to be adding more dimensions, mainly with the sea battle stuff. I feel like this will add another layer to the action and special effects to justify the film. Otherwise it’s just a pure rehash of the original.

Don Jon

Don Jon looks like it’ll be awesome. Not because of Joseph Gordon Levitt (though he’s cool), but because Scarlett Johansson wears tight, real world slutty clothes and has a slut accent.

I’m saying I’m hoping for at least a little boob from her. At least a little.

Vampire Academy

I wasn’t sure what to make of Vampire Academy. I’ve held off on previewing it for that very reason. Now that we have a trailer, I’m still confused. Maybe more confused. I was expecting more of a Twilight style film, but this seems a bit outside of that. I’m not totally sure if it’ll prove completely different from that, but there seems to be some degree of action, and very little about love. I think it might end up being more about bitchy high school girls and cat fighting than romance.


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