3 Days to Kill (2014) – Kevin Costner’s Attempt at Taken


3 Days to Kill is Kevin Costner’s attempt to be Liam Neeson. Not gonna happen, but it’s nice to see him give it the ol’ Dances with Wolves try. He plays a CIA assassin who’s forced to take out targets before a poison kills him.

Costner plays Ethan, a top killer for the CIA. He wants out of the life though because he’s given so much and wants to spend some time along with his family. Just when he gets out, he gets sick. Fortunately, his old handler has a solution. She has an experimental cure that she’ll give him before he dies three days later, but only if he kills for her.

Unfortunately, he’s watching his daughter for that weekend. And his ex-wife doesn’t like him much, but is willing to give him this one chance. So he doesn’t want to get in on the game again but has no choice. So he has 3 Days to Kill, or he dies.

No doubt there’ll be a double cross, his daughter will get kidnapped, and he’ll show that old dudes are badasses.

Also, he wears a lot of scarves. Seems like something he could be choked with. Not an ideal bit of combat attire.

3 Days to Kill

3 Days to Kill comes from basically the very best in the business: McG as director and Luc Besson as the writer.


To be fair, Besson was the story guy behind Taken, so he has a successful track record of making old dudes kicking ass films, but McG last made that piece of shit This Means War, and, well, just sucks ass.


3 Days to Kill Trailer

3 Days to Kill Release Date

February 14, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Kevin Costner . . . Ethan Runner
Amber Heard
Hailee Steinfeld
Connie Nielsen

What’s Good About It?

3 Days to Kill has a solid cast with Costner, Amber Heard, Hailee Steinfeld and Connie Nielsen, and the concept of Costner being a badass older dude appeals to me.

What’s Bad About It?

McG. McG. McG.

Our Clever Prediction

3 Days to Kill might be a bigger success than you’d think. It’s a straightforward cool action flick, with a very capable lead. The reason I don’t think it’ll be the next Taken is it’s more fun and lighthearted than Taken. There are too many jokes and Costner comes across as a professional, and kinda cool, but not a mean angry mofo like Liam Neeson was. It was Neeson’s now-classic line of telling the bad guys about his skills and how he’s going to get them that made Taken a success. Not the quality action or storyline. It was the badassery.