Young Americans (2011)


Were you an aimless college grad in the 80’s? Young Americans is about a recent grad from MIT who quits his job and works at a video store. Trying to figure out what to do with his life, an old crush comes back into his life, and in one wild night, everything changes.

I always wanted to write that. It sounds even dumber when you write it. Fortunately, the script has me beat on dumb. It turns out the MIT grad, who’s named Matt Franklin, has a twin sister Wendy. Everyone knows that twins are just a rumor. Like Big Foot and female authors, they just don’t exist.

By the end of the film, no doubt Matt will profess his love, and find that his life is better after he quit his high paying job and that life isn’t about materialistic pursuits. Which perfectly sets up the sequel, which will be set in present day, and Matt is a broken man whose wife is fat and he now manages the video store and wishes to God he had sold out.

The Scoop

Dramatic comedies like Young Americans are often best when done by newcomers, which this film has in spades. Director Michael Dowse and writers Jeff Filgo, Jackie Filgo, and Topher Grace(?) are all relatively new to writing and directing. Look at Zach Braff and Garden State. I won’t, because everytime I see Natalie Portman I want to hit someone. It’s something I do when I’m horny. Back on topic, when you have filmmakers trying to make a film that matters to them, and they’re young enough to believe that their film can matter to other people, well, sometimes it does.

Who’s It For?

Probably PG-13

Movie Release Date

January 28, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Topher Grace … Matt Franklin
Anna Faris … Wendy Franklin
Teresa Palmer … Tori Frederking
Michelle Trachtenberg … Kitchelle Storms
Michael Biehn … Bill Franklin
Robert Hoffman … Tyler
Chris Pratt … Kyle Masterson
Seth Gabel … Brent
Dan Fogler … Barry Nathan

Interesting Fact

Anna Faris recently had paparazzi photos taken of her getting naked. I don’t think I can post them, so google it.

Related Movies

Garden State, Away We Go, Adventureland,

What’s Good About It?

I’ve been looking for another look at the eighties. I only know the second half was better than the first, because it had me!

What’s Bad About It?

It’s based on a story by Topher Grace. I’m not giving much credit to the guy who ruined Spider-man 3. On the other hand, he did lead on That 70’s Show, which gave us Mila Kunis.

I’m back on board!

Our Clever Prediction

In five years I’m going to have an argument with someone I don’t like about how Young Americans is a cult classic.

Just because you like it and it failed at the box office does NOT MEAN IT’S A CULT CLASSIC!

I almost wrote clit classic. Heh.

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