Young Adult (2011)


Young Adult is a new collaboration between Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody, who made Juno during their last get together. Young Adult follows a writer who attempts to rekindle an old romance after she gets divorced.

I want Charlize Theron to start chasing me. Why can’t Diablo Cody write THAT into a film?

There aren’t a ton of other details currently available on Young Adult, but the writer travels back to Minnesota to chase her ex, so the story is likely half-autobiographical for Diablo Cody, who comes from the Midwest.

Diablo Cody

Jason Reitman is a fantastic director, with Thank You For Smoking, Juno, and Up in the Air all being solid films, and Diablo Cody has a lot of talent, though she’s kinda annoying.

Fun Fact: Diablo Cody went to my high school and my college. Also good to note is that I didn’t change my name to some stupid crap and I’m not pretentious.

I didn’t say she did either of those things, I just thought I’d mention a few things about me.

Young Adult Trailer

Movie Release Date

December 16, 2011.


Who’s In It?

Charlize Theron … Mavis Gary
  Patrick Wilson … Buddy Slade
  J.K. Simmons … Narrator
  Elizabeth Reaser … Beth Slade
  Patton Oswalt
  Emily Meade … Denny’s Waitress
  Collette Wolfe … Sandra Freehauf
  Brady Smith … Date
  Louisa Krause … Front Desk Girl
  Ella Rae Peck … Girl #1
  Hettienne Park … Vicki Robek
  Jenny Dare Paulin

What’s Good About It?

This filmmaking team should be pretty darn good. I’m excited. FEEL THESE NIPPLES.

Also, J.K. Simmons is in Young Adult. I like him.

What’s Bad About It?

Not much. Hmmm… I guess Reitman is due to have a turd at some point, and Cody, while talented, is more quirk than talent. If you saw Jennifer’s Body (which, based on the box office, you didn’t) you’ll know that her voice can be a bit much, and needs a good director to temper the overly clever nature of her dialogue.

Our Clever Prediction

Young Adult has too good a cast and too talented a director to fail. I think you’ll like it.