X-Men: First Class Updates!


So there’s all sorts of new crap that hasn’t been updated for X-Men: First Class, and you know what? I’m thinking of telling you all the nasty deets.

So what’s the Deal?

Deets is a shortened version of details. The more you know, right?

So man, there’s a bunch of stuff. First up, casting.

Emma Frost is now being played by January Jones, of Mad Men fame. Alice Eve had at one time been close to playing the role, you might know her as the gorgeous blond from She’s Out of My League, but at the last second a change was made and Jones got the role. Honestly, I’m torn. On the one hand Jones is fantastic on Mad Men, but I feel like it would be hard to be anything but amazing on the best written show on television. She does play a bit of an ice queen there, so I can see what they’re hoping for from her, but I’m just not sold on her overall talent as an actress. She may be limited to the role she has on Mad Men, and while I’m not sure of how big her role will ultimately be in First Class, I worry that her playing a villain may taint the film.

On the cool, and hopefully very good news front, Kevin Bacon will be playing Sebastian Shaw. I’ve always liked Shaw’s character in the comics, and his inclusion means there has to be at least some mention of the Hellfire Club, which could also be cool, and may set up future story lines that this new X-Men film could follow.

Rose Byrne will be playing Moira McTaggert, who, in the comics, has always been a love interest for Charles Xavier, and looks to be so here as well, and I think Byrne will pull it off nicely.

They’ve brought in a handful of young actors to fill out the mutant roster, with Nicholas Hoult playing Hank McCoy, aka Beast, Lucas Till playing Alex Summers, aka Havok and Cyclops’ brother, Zoe Kravitz as Angel Salvadore, who appears to be a new take on the Angel character that was introduced in the last film, and they have Caleb Landry Jones playing Sean Cassidey, aka Banshee, who I think could be cool if done well.


Mostly, details have been kept pretty well hidden so far, but it has been confirmed that the film will be sort of a period piece, with the whole thing taking place in the 1960’s, which is really cool, as that is when the comic started. The mutants (who may or may not be called X-Men, no word yet) will wear costumes closer to the comics than the other films, and it will tell of the falling out between Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, aka Magneto.

It has also been said that Xavier will NOT be bald in the film and will be able to walk around, although I suspect they will show how he got into the wheelchair, and most likely in this film, and not a possible sequel.

A cool detail that was released is that director Matthew Vaughn has had to rework part of the script because he was going to have very similar moments to some of the dream sequences seen in Inception, with characters going in and out of each other’s minds, where the regular rules of physics might not apply. Presumably this would be through the power of Charles Xavier, who as we all know (don’t deny it, you’re just as lame and nerdy as me) is a telepath.


There were a few spy pics taken on set of January Jones as Emma Frost, and she looks kinda funny, but hey! That’s for you nerds to decide.

And Check out all the other info we have available for X-Men: First Class here.

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  1. Well it sounds o.k. but havok was in The X-Factor team with “Cable” he even fought against Cyclops not Knowing he was his brother,so I wander what story will he have to do with the movie.Professor X having hair come on!!!!for one reason or another they always portraid him as bald.Well I hope they aleast make it decent this time.They seem to mess up on every X-men movie they make.Angel being their since the begining,Wolvwrine knowing “Sabretooth since he can remember,”Dead Pool” what were they thinking on that one,”The Blob”,brother hood of evil.I could keep going but I will just let it go on this….If your going to base it on a comioc book please stick to the original, so many movies can come out the comic books!!!!!!!!!

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