Wrecked (2011)


Apparently, he didn’t check himself before he wrecked himself!

Wrecked tells the story of a man who wakes in a vehicle having lost his memory. He must discover who he is while fighting to survive the in the wilderness.

Unfortunately, the film is NOT a sequel to the Amanda Bynes film (and my personal favorite) Love Wrecked. You should definitely check that one out.

Anyways, the man awakens in a car that is at the bottom of a ravine. He is pretty badly injured, and his leg is trapped, at least at the beginning (see trailer). The only clues about his life are the corpse in the backseat, and a garbled radio transmission that recounts a crime that he apparently was a part of. Things to note (I am a genius, like Sherlock Holmes (not the Robert Downey Jr. version)): listen closely to the voice on the radio. It sounds like Brody. Is he just imagining it all? Did he commit some crime and his psyche is trying to tell him about it? Have we all seen this basic premise before in horror films?

I’m pretty sure the answer to all those questions is yes.


The Scoop

The film is being directed by Michael Greenspan, and I know what you’re thinking, “he was soooo good as the assistant director on Eyes in the Woods.”

And you’re right. He was amazing in that. For those of you who didn’t see it, congratulations, you’re losers.

Who’s It For?

It looks pretty R, what with the corpses and Adrien Brody’s nose.

Movie Release Date

TBA 2011.

Who’s In It?

Adrien Brody … Man
Caroline Dhavernas … Woman
Ryan Robbins … George Weaver
Adrian Holmes … Man in the Woods
Jacob Blair … Park Ranger

Interesting Fact

I love this. The production company for the film is independent Edge Co. This is their first production, although they have one more credit for a film that is currently set to release in 2012. That film? Teen Lust. “But Brian, whatever is it about?”

I’m not even going to rewrite it. “An awkward high school student strives to lose his virginity before his parents and their Satanic cult can sacrifice him to the devil.”

This is fantastic news.

Related Movies

Teen Lust, No doubt the many sequels to Teen Lust, The Jacket, The Uninvited

What’s Good About It?

Adrien Brody will forever be in my heart after Splice. (spoiler alert) He has sex with his genetically mutated daughter, and then it rapes and impregnates his girlfriend. Greatest movie ever.

What’s Bad About It?

Obviously, it sucks that this isn’t Teen Lust. I can’t imagine enjoying any film for the next two years. All I’ll be able to think is, “Man, I bet Teen Lust will be WAY better than this.”

Our Clever Prediction

Only a third the box office of Teen Lust. I don’t know. The trailer looks okay, but the story just seems so bland. The only thing that gives me hope is Adrien Brody. Maybe he’ll have sex with one of the corpses and then it’ll rape his girlfriend, impregnating her with a zombie baby.

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    OK maybe not orgasmic but it looks sick

    Orgasmic is something like avenged sevenfold or metallica

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