Win Win (2011)


Win Win stars Paul Giamatti as a struggling lawyer and wrestling coach who takes in a runaway, who turns out to be a star wrestler. Win Win is a dramedy, which is normally a negative, but it’s Paul Giamatti, so this should be good.

Mike Flaherty, the lawyer/wrestling coach, must reexamine his feelings on family and whats right and wrong when he finds Kyle Timmons, the grandson of one of Flaherty’s clients. He takes in the boy, whose mother is a drug addict, and discovers the boy’s potential as a wrestler. In what will surely be a feel-good film, Flaherty becomes a father figure to the boy and starts to fight for him. It will be touching. It’s Paul Giamatti.

The Scoop

Win Win is directed by Thomas McCarthy, who has been around Hollywood for a while as a writer, director, and actor. He played roles in The Wire, Good Night, Good Luck, and 2012. He wrote UP, and directed/wrote The Visitor. He was nominated for an Oscar for his writing on UP. So the film is in good hands. Win Win should be pretty good.


Who’s It For?

Win Win is rated R.


Movie Release Date

March 18, 2011.

Who’s In It?

 Paul Giamatti … Mike Flaherty
  Melanie Lynskey … Cindy Timmons
  Amy Ryan … Jackie Flaherty
  Jeffrey Tambor … Vigman
  Bobby Cannavale … Terry Delfino
  Margo Martindale … Shelley
  Burt Young … Leo Poplar
  Alex Shaffer … Kyle Timmons
  Amy Landecker
  Alan Aisenberg … Peter Vigman
  David W. Thompson … Stemler
  Sharon Wilkins … Judge Mabelean
  Nina Arianda … Shelly
  Clare Foley … Abby Flaherty
  Ron Maestri … Wrestler Dad

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Up, Sideways, The Visitor

What’s Good About It?

I love Sideways, and this has a similar feel to that. Paul Giamatti is a fantastic actor, and he is especially capable in this type of comedy/dramedy role.

What’s Bad About It?

The film is being released in March, which isn’t awards season. I feel the film would likely be better if the studio felt it was good enough for the late-year release. Still, it might be a sleeper hit type of film.

Our Clever Prediction

Critical reviews will no doubt be stellar. I don’t know about the box office success. I think it might flounder there a bit. Perhaps it’ll sneak up on you. BOO!


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