Wanderlust (2011)


A regular married couple try to liven up their marriage by taking part in an unconventional society, which will likely not suit their more urban lifestyle.

Remember that movie with Tim Allen and Fat Actress? For Richer or Poorer. A rich couple went and lived with the Amish. That’s essentially what this will end up being, but with Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston, so the film will be likable, but also sorta bland and boring.

My alternative movie idea is for it to be called Wizardlust, which is a fantasy film about wizards riding brooms, playing with their wands, and boning. BONING.

The Scoop

Wanderlust is written and directed by David Wain, who wrote Role Models, which I still laugh at cause it’s hilarious. Unlike your face, which I laugh at cause it’s ugly. BURN ON YOU.

Anyways, Wain has an interesting career, but nothing is so funny as the fact that in I Love You, Man he played a Wedding Photographer, but then in Along Came Polly he played a Wedding Videographer. He’s the type of dude who has a shit job while other people are busy having a good life.


Wanderlust Redband Trailer – Watch More Funny Videos

Who’s It For?

Really white people. And I mean REALLY white people. Like, translucent. Like me. Except I won’t see this.


Movie Release Date

October 7, 2011.

Who’s In It?

 Jennifer Aniston … Linda
  Paul Rudd … George
  Malin Akerman … Eva
  Ray Liotta
  Justin Theroux … Seth
  Lauren Ambrose … Almond
  Kathryn Hahn … Karen
  Alan Alda … Carvin
  Joe Lo Truglio … Wayne Davidson
  Kerri Kenney … Kathy
  Michaela Watkins … Marisa
  Todd Barry … Sherm
  Patricia French … Beverly
  John D’Leo … Tanner
  Jordan Peele … Rodney

Related Movies

For Richer or Poorer, Other films like that. Damn hippies.

What’s Good About It?

Paul Rudd doesn’t make bad films. He makes a handful of good ones, but never unwatchable shit. Nic Cage is like that too. I just saw Season of the Witch, and while it was stupid as all hell, Cage made it decent enough to watch, and Paul Rudd is like that.

What’s Bad About It?

Jennifer Aniston is the hottest, most desperate woman on earth. Wait, that’s a plus.

Our Clever Prediction

Mediocre box office. I just don’t see anyone really excited for this.

Oh, and the picture I put up for this post has nothing to do with the film, but I think it’s album art for a Bjork album called Wanderlust, so it’s sorta related.

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