Waiting for Forever (2011)


Waiting for Forever follows a couple who were best friends as kids, and when the girl moves away to become an actress, the boy follows her, in a very stalkerish way. At least, that’s what I can figure.

It appears that the boy gets by as a juggler and entertainer, which are skills he learned to impress the girl. Apparently, she thinks they lost touch a long time before, but he’s been following her.

I had a relationship like that once. We even lived to together. I was only in the apartment when she was at work, and remotely, via video surveillance. She eventually figured it out, and moved to Canada. The one place I wouldn’t follow. I have limits.

The Scoop

At first, I was totally against this film because I saw it was being directed by James Keach, and he produced Walk the Line, which I mistook for Walk Hard. Which sucked. I was afraid. Now, I’m back to indifferent. On the one hand, it has Rachel Bilson. On the other, stalking. Actually, both of those are in the positive hand.


Nope, but if history is any indication, there’ll be one in a few days.

Who’s It For?



Movie Release Date

February 4, 2011. Limited.

Who’s In It?

Tom Sturridge … Will Donner
Rachel Bilson … Emma Twist
Nikki Blonsky … Dolores
K.C. Clyde … Dennis
Blythe Danner … Miranda Twist
Jaime King … Susan Donner

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The Roommate, The Notebook, Thundercats (brand new No-Prize to anyone who figures out why)

What’s Good About It?

No doubt the film is full of charm and sweetness, but…

What’s Bad About It?

it will undoubtedly fill my head with romantic notions that if are ever done in real life come across as creepy.

Our Clever Prediction

BOMBS AWAY!! Limited release, boring. No money made. But it’ll make me cry.