Updates on Skyline, The Dark Knight Rises and Harry Potter


Check out these new movie updates. Could Charlize Theron be in The Dark Knight Rises? Is The Green Hornet going to completely suck? We know the answers to one of these two questions today.

Skyline Clips

Seriously, this new Skyline movie looks really sweet. [Check out all our Skyline coverage]. Our friends @ io9 (well, not really our friends, they don’t know we exist but we are stalking the hell out of them) have 5 new clips for this new Sci-Fi invasion. [View clips]

X-Men First Class

The past couple of days we said Wolverine would make an appearance in the new X-Men movie. Guess we were all told a lie, because it has been debunked. Wolverine isn’t in the movie, in any way, shape or form… they really must be pissed about the Wolverine Movie…

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

A new interview from the set of the movie.

The Green Hornet Movie Is Going To suck

When you are already defending your choice for the leading star, and the movie is months away from wrapping up production, things aren’t so good. The Green Hornet [our coverage] is going to suck, just accept this. Seth Rogan is decent as a supporting role character, but this movie is taking it too far. Here’s Director Michel Gondry’s reasoning for choosing Rogan :

“Everybody has their own vision in their mind, so when you put somebody like Seth in the character, of course it’s going to surprise some of the people who have an idea of who the character should be. But I could quickly see that Seth was taking his character very seriously, though he’s funny of course — the movie is funny — but we were not making a [spoof] of this genre.

Uh, ok.. in other words .. it is indeed going to suck.

The Dark Knight Rises

Word around hollywood is that Clayface could be making an appearance in the new Batman, The Dark Knight Rises movie, as could Charlize Theron. Apparently, Charlize could be playing Detective Sarah Essen, who will be the love interest for Jim Gordon. But wait, wasn’t Gordon happily married? We are confused too..

….also.. and apologies to all Cougars reading this article today… actresses Kacie Thomas [The Burning Plain, Bucksville] and Vera Farmiga [The Departed, Up In The Air] have both auditioned for the role of Julie Madison, a possible Bruce Wayne love interest. This is really confusing, because Bruce Wayne would be choosing between a 37 yr old cougar (Farmiga), or a young … much sexier girl in Thomas. So is Bruce Wayne settling down, or continuing with the playboy role?

Oh, and Clayface? Really? Could be interesting to bring him into the mix.

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