Updates for Blue Valentine!


A lot has changed since we first previewed Blue Valentine.

So what’s the Deal?

All of these changes and a few more have been added to Blue Valentine‘s preview page. Definitely check it out. The biggest thing to note as of right now is that there is a trailer out now.

The film still tells the story of a couple told through flashbacks as they try to revive a once passionate romance now that it is falling apart. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are still playing the leads, but the cast has filled out.

We also have a release date of December 31, 2010. It’s not a wide release, as they’re just getting the film out in time for Oscar season. Likely the film will see it’s full release in January or February of 2011.

Blue Valentine Trailer

So here’s the trailer:

And Check out all the other info we have available for Blue Valentine here.

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