Upcoming October 2010 Movie Releases


Well the Upcoming October Movie Schedule is here, and this month looks pretty decent for movies.

When October rolls around you expect a few horror movies to get you in the spirit. Check out ‘Buried’ , ‘Let Me In’ , ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ and ‘Saw 3D: The Final Chapter’ if you have the time. This is the first October in years to release 4 horror/thriller movies in time for Halloween, so we are pumped about that aspect.

Don’t forget, you could always check out our list of The Scariest Horror Movies you can rent at Halloween…if you are looking for movie ideas.

Also, they are showing The Evil Dead series October 30 @ Zombcon if you want a cool October horror night!

October DVD Release

Our calendar is broken up by release dates, so you can plan your schedule.

October 5th DVD

The Karate Kid – Yikes, we hated it, you loved it. Did you know they are making a Karate Kid sequel?
A Nightmare On Elm Street – rather successful remake for the franchise.
Splice – disappointing Sci-Fi you may want to rent.

October 1st

Let Me In – Remake of the classic film Let The Right One In.
Freakonomics Based on the bestselling book, you’ll want to see this at some point.
The Social Network – The movie about the founders of Facebook
Chain Letter – Check out the Official Site

October 8th

Life As We Know It – Katherine Heigl plays the same character yet again.
My Soul to Take – Nothing to see here, just Wes Craving trying to scare the crap out of you again.
Secretariat – October movie about a legendary racehorse.
Nowhere Boy – The story about John Lennon as a young boy, and his eventual success with The Beatles.

October 15th

Jackass 3D – Mindless Jackass fun now means poo flying right in your face. Good times.
Red – Official site – Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis action movie.
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest – Beats the heck out of us, but what a retarded movie title.

October 22nd

Paranormal Activity 2 – oh lord, why? Not again..
The Company Men – Ben Affleck leads the cast about three men who go into gay porn. (just checking to see if you are really reading my movie descriptions)

October 29th

Monsters – Monsters looks pretty decent.
Saw 3D – Your typical Saw Movie, just in time for Halloween.
Welcome to the Rileys – Too sad and depressing for my taste.
Wild Target – This movie about a hitman and a beautiful girl, also shares the same name as my favorite strip bar as a young man.