Unstoppable (2010)


Unstoppable tells the tale of a train engineer and conductor who have to find a way to stop their train, as well as another supertrain in order to save a town that will be destroyed by toxic waste.

Thank god it’s directed by Tony Scott. Oh, and it stars his current muse Denzel Washington, and that halfway decent Captain Kirk Chris Pine. If there was some crap director and actors, this would be a disaster. I can’t say how much I’ll like it since there’s no trailer yet, but after Man on Fire, I’ll watch just about anything Scott and Denzel make.

Unstoppable Script

Written by Mark Bomback, who also wrote Race to Witch Mountain and Live Free or Die Hard, the script will probably be competent as well as suck. I’ve written more compelling things in the snow with my pee.

Unstoppable Trailer

Who’s It For?

I’m hoping for R.

Movie Release Date

November 12

Who’s In It?

Denzel Washington … Frank Barnes
Rosario Dawson … Connie Hooper
Chris Pine … Will Gordon
Ethan Suplee
Kevin Dunn
Jessy Schram … Darcy Gordon
Elizabeth Mathis … Nicole

Related Movies

Man on Fire, The Taking of Pelham 123, Déjà vu, Domino

What’s Good About It?

Denzel Washington rocks my world. I’m listening to the Book of Eli soundtrack as I listen to this. The man could eat babies for all I care. I’d still see his movies. Oh, and Tony Scott has a little talent.

What’s Bad About It?

The writer’s credentials scare me. Hopefully the concept doesn’t overwhelm the characters and a cool movie comes out this November.

Our Clever Prediction

I predict the film will fail because of a real life train crash that makes the film seem in bad taste. For the record, if it happens, I had nothing to do with. Unless it’s a model train crash, in which case, BURN BABY BURN.
Having no taste myself, I will see the movie regardless of real life disasters. I am a monster.

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