Two Little Boys (2012)


Two Little Boys follows two lifelong friends who have fallen out a bit, but when one of them accidentally kills someone, they have to come together to get out of this sticky situation.

If you couldn’t tell, these two are morons. So it’s a comedy. The trailer is actually really funny, and ends in a way that every trailer should. EVERY TRAILER. Including for movies that have Meryl Streep. In fact, especially those.

Anyways, the two boys in question are Nige and Deano. They’ve been friends for 15 years, and they grew up together. Nige is played by Flight of the Concords’ Bret McKenzie, so he’s funny, and Deano is some other dude. Probably really famous in New Zealand.

Nige hits someone with his car, and subsequently screws up hiding the body. So he goes to his best mate (it’s like I’M from New Zealand now!) and Deano tries to help dispose of the body. Doesn’t work out very well.

Two Little Boys

Robert Sarkies directed Two Little Boys, and he was the script editor for Whale Rider, so the man knows his comedy!

Robert cowrote the screenplay with Duncan Sarkies, who I assume is his brother, unless Sarkies is a really common name in New Zealand. Like Smith. Yeah.

Two Little Boys Trailer

Two Little Boys Release Date



Who’s In It?

 Bret McKenzie … Nige
  Hamish Blake … Deano
  Maaka Pohatu … Gav
  Filip Berg … Jeurgen
  Russell Smith … Des
  Erin Banks … Monica
  Lee Hatherly … Mrs. H
  Jarin Towney … Young Deano
  Charlie Britzman … Young Nige
  Ian Mune … Mr. Abercrombie

What’s Good About It?

I like Bret McKenzie, and he has to be at least crazy talented, as he just won an Academy Award for writing songs for The Muppets movie. Weird.

What’s Bad About It?

Not much, though I think most people won’t care about the film as it’s a New Zealand wonder. WONDER.

Our Clever Prediction

I predict a low, but still solid box office for Two Little Boys. I doubt the trailer cost more than 18 cents to make, so it shouldn’t take much to make a profit, and I think McKenzie has a decent following amongst Kiwis. You guys probably think I’m super smart cause I know all this stuff about New Zealand. Well, I AM.