Twins 2 – The Twins Sequel is happening


Do you remember the 80’s comedy ‘Twins’ starring  Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger? If you are a kid from the 80’s like I am, of course you do. Anyways , did you know Twins 2 is in early development? Well it is, and there are a few interesting details about yet another addition to a successful 80’s movie.

Twins 2

Details are are actually pretty clear on what the sequel will entail. Julius Benedict (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Vincent Benedict (Danny DeVito) are fraternal twins who haven’t seen each other in a number of years. Both men are attending their mother’s funeral when, to their surprise, they discover another brother…


Yes, that’s right. Murphy has signed on to play the role of the third, unknown sibling.. which means the movie is now about Triplets, and not Twins. Murphy and Arnold both have recently leaked out the gossip that all three of the iconic actors are confirmed for the upcoming movie which we expect in 2017 at this point.

Twins 2 was supposed to be a 2016 movie release but Murphy is still wrapping up Beverly Hills cop 4 , and last we heard Devito was busy buying up coffee companies with George Clooney.

More details as they roll in, stay tuned!