Taking Chance (2009 TV movie) Review

So I caught ‘Taking Chance’ yesterday on HBO and came away from the film with a couple of new outlooks. First, Kevin Bacon is still a powerful actor, and secondly, I still get emotional during movies when done properly.

The Truth

Taking Chance is based on a true story, about a man (Kevin Bacon) who elects to escort the body of a fallen soldier back to Wyoming. The body is that of 19yr old Marine Chance Phelps, who Strobl decides to ensure gets the respect he deserves along the way.

This powerful film delivers a ton of emotional moments and the journey is very moving. I really enjoyed how the director Ross Katz pays tribute to the soldier, with his numerous scenes along the way. Small tokens of affection are demonstrated throughout the film that remind the audience of the respect that should be shown to all military, no matter what country they are from.

Bacon really nails the role of hardened, yet saddened, Col Mike Stroble. The supporting cast delivers excellent scenes of compassion for the dead marine, it really moves you.

Taking Chance is an important film because it shows the impact of the military on the small town, the rural town and communities that make up the allied forces. Don’t be fooled though, this isn’t just about an American soldier, it is respect to all the military men and women who serve all nations in the Gulf.

Why should I watch it?

Because Taking Chance if full of moving and powerful situations the demonstrate the compassion of strangers who, when given the chance, always respect a soldier.

The Verdict

Taking Chance was a wonderful, moving and often sad film, that delivered 2 hours of thought provoking film. I very much recommend it to anyone looking for a powerful drama, that will bring a tear to your eye.

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