Thursday , 17 August 2017
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The Walking Dead – TV Series

I want to get the word out about the next best series that is going to be hitting AMC on October 31, The Walking Dead.
I’ve been waiting forever to finally get a series like this delivered to my house, but partially because I’m a sick bastard who loves movies about zombies, the undead etc.

It looks like they did it right this time, however, and AMC got the best talent available to put this series together.

The Walking Dead

So, The Walking Dead is just this, but not some shitty 1.5 hour movie. This is a series about a Sheriff who slips into a coma after being shot. When he wakes up in the Hospital, everyone is gone, or dead.. or a fucking zombie.

He sets out to find his family, and others, who have travelled to a safe zone. What sets ‘The Walking Dead’ apart from other movies in this genre, is that you’ll get lots of time to know the characters, feel their pane etc.. which excites me even more.

AMC doesn’t censor too much, check out this sweet trailer and tell me the rest of you lazy-minded people aren’t pumped for this either.

The Walking Dead Trailer

Are you fucking kidding me? A zombie mini-series? I’m hooked just by watching the trailer. My jogging pants are pointing at 6:00 right now, in the pelvic region.

Who’s It For?

White trash like you, and me, but mostly you.


Check out the official site for all the images for The Walking Dead.

I will show you how to insert an image gallery here.

Series Release Date

The Walking Dead premiers October 31 on AMC

What’s Good About It?

The Walking Dead creator is Frank Darabont , who was also behind The Shawshank Redemption and wrote The Green Mile. Creative juices galore, this series will not lack good writing.

What’s Bad About It?


Our Clever Prediction

The Walking Dead is our most anticipated show this year, it will blow our sick, twisted minds… and yours.


  1. Sounds like its gonna be great